STEP in Leuven: a versatile city !

Leuven, the home of many students, coming from all over the world. The vibrant nightlife will make you feel young again.

Leuven is a versatile city. On the one hand, you have the centuries-old cultural heritage: Belgium’s oldest university and Botanical Garden. And there are also numerous Gothic architectural gems. On the other hand, the many students give the city a youthful, modern look. Let us explore Leuven together and find out why the city is definitely worth a visit.

The city’s most iconic landmark is undoubtedly the historic City Hall, which is an impressive 15th-century late-Gothic building. The façade is decorated with colorful flags and playful stonework, including 236 statues of historical figures! Speaking of icons, visiting the beguinage is a must! It is originally home to unmarried religious women but now serves as a residence for students. Here you can experience a unique and relaxed atmosphere, thanks to the “Dijle” which flows right through it.

The country’s oldest university, KU Leuven, has been the backbone of Leuven since 1425. The various campuses are spread throughout the city. The University Hall has been in use since 1432 and is to this day still the nerve center of the school. Furthermore, within walking, distance you will find the Higher Institute for Philosophy, with its charming interiors and lovely gardens.

Art is not only found in museums and art galleries but also open and exposed in the open air. Ride through the cozy center of Leuven and try to spot Jan Fabrés totem. The gentleman was the first living artist to exhibit in the Louvre. While in Belgium, you can casually bump into his art when strolling in Leuven. If you see a green, shiny beetle on a 23 meter long needle, that’s the Totem!

Leuven, the city that created the infamous beer “Stella Artois” and is known worldwide. The beer was first brewed almost a century ago. The old brewery is an unmissable stop and is located not far from the central station! Be sure to pop into the nearby pub “De Lantaarn”. This café supposedly has a secret underground beer pipeline that runs from the brewery directly into their tap. How amazing does it taste? We will let you be the judge of that!

The city of youthful spirits and Stella Artois is easily accessible with STEP. Visit Leuven now with us. Become part of STEP's riders in Leuven today!

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