STEP in Brussels: the best way to move !

Discovering a new city is often done in a hurry, so make sure you don't miss out on all the cool places by opting for the fastest and easiest way to get around the city... the electric scooter.

Whether it's summer or winter, STEP will accompany you on your journeys through the city's must-sees, such as the Grand Place, the Palais Royal and the Sablon. This mode is an original, and pleasant way to discover the city.

Moreover, in these times of health crisis, the scooter is by far the best option for commuting and transporting. Especially since the regional authorities, along with teams from Brussels Mobility and the administration of work, have pulled out all the stop signs to allow 40 kilometres of lanes to be reserved for two-wheelers, sometimes ruthlessly, even on the capital's main streets. Some of the lanes are brand new, while others already existing.

In its subscription program, STEP offers refurbished electric scooters which fit perfectly with our circular economy and sustainability perspective. Making our cities more sustainable and environmental friendly is our vision.

So don't wait any longer to ride your STEP scooter and move around your favorite city in complete freedom. 🔥

Be part of the STEP's riders in Brussels today! 😎

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