STEP in Antwerp: discover atypical Antwerp !

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from discovering the most popular city in Belgium’s Flemish region!

Are you ready to find out what this diamond city has to offer you?

Thinking about Antwerp, the first thing to pop up in your mind is probably its historical and modern architecture, such as the Central Station. But au contraire! The city of diamonds is also the city of fashion, countless galleries, museums, parks, street arts and so much more. And luckily for you, all places are reachable by (e-)STEP!

You cannot visit Antwerp without admiring the many iconic historical architecture. The famous town hall, Het Steen and Churches can be found back on the list. But don’t forget about the growing modern architecture landscape! Here you can find the Port House, Place of Justice Antwerp and Mas (Museum aan de Stroom), which is by far the most well-known with its rooftop bar with panoramic view on the city's skyline.

Besides the rooftop bar, MAS also acts as a museum where you can find the rich history of the city. As Antwerp is home to the infamous Antwerp 6, MoMu (museum of Fashion) is indispensable. However, MoMu isn't all about fashion items, it has also created art along the streets in Antwerp. All street arts, made by diverse and numerous artists can be found on the Streetart Antwerp app.

Let the city inspire you! Become part of STEP's riders in Antwerp today!

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